Side effects include but not limited to the following: panties dropping, random girls smelling your sweet beard, Tinder swipe rights, immoral & depraved sexual acts from nurses, teachers, strippers, models, bartenders, hair stylist, nuns, playmates, and any chick named Tiffany, Brittany, Summer, Chastity, or Alexis.

My "Coming of Age"  Story:

I grew up a late bloomer. From high school to college I envied my friends and hated my enemies that could grow any kind of facial hair. I was baby-faced and pissed! Around the age of 27 or 28 I finally got to where I could grow a little patch here and there. We’ve all seen that guy with the Osama Bin Laden beard. All patchy and dirty looking. That was me.

I vowed back then that I was going to do anything and everything I could to grow a full thick beard so I started researching and came up with the same base recipe that’s in each one of our Beard Oil, Beard Cream, & Beard Wax products. Now 10 years later StacheCo Beard Care was created so that everyone can enjoy a smooth, thick beard to be envied by men and wanted by women.

Each one of my recipes are handmade by a Stachette, not a robot. Every label has a hand written scent name written on the bottle by the Stachette who handmade your product.

StacheCo Beard Care's goal is to provide the highest quality ingredients while staying affordable and having fun with it.  We hope that you enjoy both our products and locker room humor. We back our products with a 30 day/100% money back guarantee on everything we make. We appreciate your business. We're here to have fun, not to offend...too much.